IndiaItChannelslaunches its latest offering IIC SNIPS–“The tech news HUB “an ICT (Information & Communication Technology)news aggregator app focusing of showcasing industry specific news .


With Industry Connect, SMEs/Corporates can scout for the best IT products/services/resources from over 30K+ IT Partners, OEMs, and Startups or take consultancy from top CIOs (CXOs/CTOs/CISOs/IT Heads) to help your organization become digitally transformed.

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Key Features:

Cost-effective IT Procurement
SMEs and Corporates can use Industry Connect to source IT products/services/manpower at competitive prices as they have IT Partners, OEMs, and Startups from all over India, who submit quotations to them.
Create an RFQ
With Industry Connect, SMEs can create RFQs with unique features, including selecting the state, city, and date where local vendors may participate, reducing logistical costs, and ensuring local vendor participation.
Login Panel
SME/Corporate members receive separate login panels. From Level 1 to Level 10, the dashboard displays all submitted requests in order of the lowest price. It is easy to compare prices and choose the most competitive quotation.
You can get Single Use/Monthly/Annual membership, to get quotations based on usage in your organization.
Advisory/Consulting Services
SMEs/Corporates can also hire CIOs/CISOs to provide consultancy to develop sound IT setups in their organization, allowing them to keep up with changing times.

Industry Connect by IndiaIT360 is a platform that empowers SMEs and Corporates to streamline their IT procurement processes through Omni Channel Marketing and facilitate digital transformation within their organizations. With Industry Connect they get access to a vast network of 30K+ IT Partners, OEMs, and Startups from across India. These entities submit quotations using the RFQ Tool, enabling organizations to source IT products, services, and manpower at competitive prices.

An RFQ tool allows local vendors to participate and reduce logistical costs by customizing preferred states, cities, and dates. SMEs and corporates can streamline their IT procurement processes with this feature.

Industry Connect offers separate login panels to their dashboard displaying all the submitted requests in ascending order showing the lowest quoted price first. This functionality simplifies price comparison and facilitates the selection of the most competitive quotation. IndiaIT360's Industry Connect offers three subscription options to suit different needs: Single Use, Monthly, and Annual. Subscriptions enable SMEs and corporates to receive quotations based on their specific usage requirements.

SMEs and Corporates can further benefit from the Omni Channel Marketing tool by engaging experienced IT professionals, including CIOs (CISOs, CXOs, CTOs, and IT Heads) for advisory services. With their expertise, organizations can implement robust IT setups to help them keep up with the latest technological trends.