IndiaITChannels launches its latest offering IIC SNIPS–“The tech news HUB “an ICT (Information & Communication Technology)news aggregator app focusing of showcasing industry specific news .



Unleash the potential of your Startup business with IndiaIT360, a unique B2B digital platform that helps associate you with the entire ICT fraternity. Join Startup Connect to expand your partner network across the country or find sales opportunities directly with top CIOs, OEMs, SMEs, and IT partners. Startups can generate quality leads and brand awareness through our customized marketing campaigns for potential sales.

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Key Features:

Get registered and create your Free E-Catalogue with a shareable link to showcase your IT products/services/solutions to IT Heads/CIOs, SMEs, OEMs, and IT partners for sales opportunities.
Branding Opportunities
With IndiaIT360 customized marketing campaigns, Startups can reach their target audience directly according to their go-to-market strategy.
Value-Added Services (VAS)
Startups can utilize services such as new product launches, webinars, and physical events along with customized marketing campaigns.
Real-time Analytic Report
Get access to your separate dashboard with customer and partner information, such as their names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers.
Digital Marketing
The portal helps you create digital marketing plans to enhance your brand visibility using advanced marketing tools and techniques.
Campaigns for generating leads
Use multiple marketing tools like WhatsApp ads, emails, tele-calling, social media amplification, Telegram, etc., to create effective brand awareness campaigns with committed leads within the IndiaIT360 portal.
Investment Opportunities
IT Startups can showcase their case studies, and IT products/services/solutions to Venture Capitalists using IndiaIT360's exclusive E-Catalogue for investment purposes.

IndiaIT360 is a B2B digital platform that helps startups creates their IT suppliers or Partner Connect network and find sales opportunities. Startup Connect allows startups to associate with CIOs, Head IT, IT Purchase team and IT Suppliers / Partners. Allowing Startups to generate quality leads and increase brand awareness through our customized Marketing Plan for Startups.

IndiaIT360 Startup Connect gives Startups access to their free e-catalogue with a shareable link. Through this e-catalogue, Startups can showcase their IT products/services/solutions to their Partner Connect or IT supplier’s network - IT Heads/CIOs and IT Partners for sales opportunities. Our Marketing Plan for Startups includes services such as new product launches, webinars, and physical events. The Startups Connect portal provides startups with digital marketing plans to enhance brand visibility. With IndiaIT360 Startups can showcase their case studies, IT products, services, and solutions to Venture Capitalists for their Startup Funding.

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