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Unleashing Success with IndiaIT360: The Shift from Physical to Virtual Events for OEMs

by Survi Sahay

In the dynamic landscape of today’s business world, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) grapple with the challenge of effectively reaching their target audience while ensuring a return on investment—traditional physical events, once the go-to-market strategy, now present uncertainties and limitations. The transition to IndiaIT360, a digital B2B networking platform, emerges as a strategic move, providing a more effective and efficient way for OEMs to connect with key stakeholders who can drive business growth.

Historically, physical events have served as a primary avenue for OEMs to showcase products, engage potential customers, and stimulate business growth. However, in the digital era, these events face increasing limitations and uncertainties.

Physical events often fall short in brand promotion, targeting the right audience, fostering direct engagement, receiving instant responses, reaching key decision-makers, securing last-minute leads, providing real-time reports, and filtering prospects. IndiaIT360 offers a paradigm shift by allowing IT OEMs to promote their brands and access a 10X wider audience, making it an enticing prospect for key industry players. It helps OEMs reach 1100+ top CIOs of India and 30k+ IT Partners.

The advantages of switching to virtual events are evident, offering IT OEMs a host of benefits for more targeted and impactful audience engagement:

1. Targeted Audience: IndiaIT360’s digital B2B platform, OEMs Connect, boasts a vast base of IT Partners, CIOs, SMEs, and Startups. Through advanced profiling and matchmaking algorithms, OEMs can build a national partner network or directly reach C-level executives for sales opportunities like CIOs/CISOs/CTOs/CXOs/IT Heads. This eliminates the risk of reaching an irrelevant audience, maximizing the potential for meaningful business interactions.

2. Cost-Effectiveness: Unlike physical events with significant financial investments, IndiaIT360 provides a cost-effective solution. IT OEMs can register with the OEM Connect platform, creating their E-Catalogue to showcase products and services. This eliminates overhead costs, enabling OEMs to allocate their budget for engaging activities and lead generation strategies.

3. Expanded Reach: Virtual events transcend geographical boundaries, enabling OEMs to reach a wider audience without limitations. By eliminating travel constraints and time zone differences, virtual events attract attendees globally, enhancing global exposure and business opportunities through Integrated Marketing Campaigns, WhatsApp messages, and digital marketing practices.

4. Targeted Audience Engagement: Virtual events offer advanced profiling and matchmaking capabilities, addressing the uncertainty of attracting the right audience. Through data-driven algorithms and targeted marketing, OEMs can connect with a precisely defined audience that aligns with their target market.

5. Analytics and Insights: Virtual events provide robust analytics, offering valuable data, on who all visited the campaign page, the total number of clicks, the total number of registered partners for further collaboration, engagement stats, and more. These insights enable data-driven decision-making, refining marketing strategies, tailoring offerings, and improving event ROI.

By making the shift from physical to virtual events, OEMs can overcome traditional limitations and uncertainties, and achieve cost efficiency, expanding their reach, engaging with a targeted audience, gaining valuable insights, and enjoying the convenience and flexibility of virtual environments. Embracing virtual events with IndiaIT360’s dynamic platform that helps connect the ICT network ensures that OEMs connect with the right audience and individuals who can genuinely drive business success, unlocking new growth opportunities.

IT OEMs can explore IndiaIT360’s OEM Connect platform for hassle-free networking opportunities across India and generate quality leads via integrated marketing campaigns.

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