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Understand your target audience: What triggers their buying behaviour

by Survi Sahay

Imagine this. Just because you opened an advertisement on your email or another channel doesn’t mean that you saw the sponsored ad promoting the newest laptop when you were scrolling through social media. One lovely day, you walk into a mall, notice an outlet for the same brand, and choose to check out the newest laptop lineup. You give it some thinking and ultimately decide to buy something. In the language of marketing, this purchase choice is referred to as a “trigger.”

Business owners must understand that consumers won’t purchase your good or service unless you persuade them to. We know you’re not paying much attention to this, but among the most crucial pieces of data you can gather about your customers are buying triggers. It takes more than just offering your product through several channels to draw in and keep devoted clients. To actually engage with your customers and create long-lasting connections, a number of actions are necessary. It’s critical to comprehend this cycle in the context of the digital environment if you wish to prevent lost marketing budget and customer attrition. Continue reading to find out how.

Customer Buying Cycle – Breaking It Down

Three components comprise the client buying cycle: choice, contemplation, and awareness. For further details, take a look at the infographic below.


As the name suggests, awareness is the point at which a potential client learns about the goods or services you provide. Unless there is a trigger, they might not recognize they have the impulse to purchase your good or service at this point. In order to increase brand recognition, foster customer loyalty, and develop a deeper sense of brand awareness, business entrepreneurs must first let their clients see the problem and then carefully present them with the solution.


Your customer has discovered that there is a problem that needs to be fixed at the contemplation stage. Making sure that your IT service or product is at the top of the list of business requirements for CIOs and IT partners is the sole obstacle in this situation.


During the final phase, known as the choice stage, your consumer will either choose to purchase your product or they may choose to go with a competitor. At this point, if you have properly nurtured your customers about your product, they will ultimately choose to buy it. During the decision-making stage, your brand’s communication should focus on streamlining the purchasing process and providing a sense of security to the customer.

Marketing Triggers: A Guide

If trigger marketing is done right, it may radically change your marketing strategy, from increasing revenue to strengthening client connections. This is the correct way to do it:

Understand your buyers’ personas

The first step in targeting potential clients is identifying who they are. You can consider the life cycle of those potential customers once you have identified the type of customer you are seeking to attract. You can learn more about their issues and causes at the same time.

Consider Causes and Effects

Following that, if you strategically plan your marketing triggers, your target audience will either choose to purchase your goods or decline to do so. You now need to ascertain what will occur and why. Put another way, you must clearly state the reasons behind the CIOs’ or IT Partners’ decisions to accept or reject your offer.

Trigger Events: Describe them

You are unable to monitor every one of your clients’ visits to your social media pages for justifiable reasons. However, you may also monitor other important data, such as email responses, clicked links, campaign responses, personal standards, and so on. It’s important to monitor the factors that may cause your clients to respond. With the support of IndiaIT360, a dynamic B2B digital platform, you will be able to execute a successful Integrated Marketing Campaign for your business and connect with 1100+ top-tier CIOs in India and 30k+ IT Partners four times quicker than you could with any other method.

Identify automated actions

After making a list of the triggers you wish to react to, you must decide on your plan of action. After analyzing your list of triggers, decide on the course of action you wish to take in relation to each trigger item.

Customize Your Reply

Numerous studies have demonstrated that customized communications outperform dull and uninteresting marketing messaging. Knowing how a certain contact in your CRM varies from the others and the message that might prompt them to do the appropriate action is crucial if your action is a marketing activity.

Put Customer Relationships First

The most effective technique to maintain and strengthen the bond between your brand and your target market is through customer relationship management or CRM. Your data will likely be dispersed across the location if you do not have an easily accessible method for organizing things. IndiaIT360 Omni-Channel Marketing will help you alleviate some of this load and cultivate productive client connections in this area.

Parting Thoughts

Connection is the key, and being connected with IT Partners in this fastest-growing ICT Network is highly recommended in today’s tech-savvy world so that any update on your latest offering gets through them in no time. Whether your target audience is buying your IT product/services, booking an appointment or simply scrolling through your website, they want to be listened to. Therefore, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research on what drives them to buy your product or why they choose a different brand’s product. Startup Connect platform by IndiaIT360 helps analyze the market segment and plans campaigns and strategies based on deep and enhanced research work, which leads to better growth and reach possibilities. At first, it might seem quite overwhelming. Still, eventually, you will be able to create more lasting relationships with top CIOs of India and IT Partners and cater to their needs more effectively and closely.

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