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IndiaIT360: Giving Personal Branding Opportunity to CIOs

by Survi Sahay

As a CIO, your personal brand shapes how executives and employees view your leadership, skills, and contributions. An outdated personal brand can hinder career advancement and diminish IT’s role in shaping business strategy. As a leader, you can enhance your brand’s influence and advocate for the strategic importance of technology through branding.

Why Does Your Personal Brand Matter?

In today’s age of digital disruption, businesses constantly face the need to adapt, innovate, and undergo transformation fueled by technology. This dynamic environment requires CIOs to move beyond traditional “operations and delivery” roles and embrace their roles as digital change agents and transformational leaders.

Yet, numerous CIOs still adhere to conventional brands centered around reliability, cost management, and incremental advancements. While these attributes hold significance, they no longer encapsulate the innovative mindset and bold vision demanded of technology leaders. An outdated personal brand restricts a CIO’s ability to function as a strategic catalyst for change.

In contrast, forward-thinking CEOs frequently overlook CIOs and collaborate with other leaders on digital initiatives. They perceive the CIO as unable to transcend the status quo. Consequently, IT becomes marginalized from crucial growth opportunities, leading to a decline in the CIO’s influence.

Taking proactive steps to manage your brand can prevent this scenario. Enhance your reputation in anticipation of your company’s evolving requirements. This broadens your leadership horizon and positions IT as a vital component in digital transformation endeavors.

Steps to Build a Strategic Personal Brand

Below are four steps for CIOs of India to construct a strategic personal brand, unlocking their complete potential as digital leaders:

Evaluate your current brand image: What three words would your CEO and peers use to describe your reputation? Seek anonymous input to uncover any blind spots in how others perceive you. Compare this with your self-view to identify gaps limiting your influence.

Define your target brand: Envision how you aim to be perceived in the future, aligning with the company’s strategy and your strengths. You can identify your brand by becoming a Digital Disruptor, a Trusted Innovator, or a Change Champion, for example.

Communicate your brand through your actions: Consciously display actions, language, and priorities that reinforce your intended brand. For a Digital Disruptor identity, actively support hackathons, share innovative ideas, and challenge traditional thinking.

Make your brand highly visible: Boost visibility through speaking engagements, blogs, social media, and office visuals that showcase your brand attributes. Ensure your evolving identity stands out and cannot be overlooked. You can also try getting your insight/article published on the IndiaIT360 website on the latest IT-related topics that not only help others get an insight but also help you enhance your personal branding.

Benefits for CIOs and their Organization

Managing your personal brand can lead to several advantages:

  • Expanded leadership scope: A strategic personal brand enables you to assume a broader leadership role beyond IT, shaping the overall business strategy.
  • Heightened influence: You earn a pivotal role in key decisions as a recognized catalyst for digital change.
  • Career progression: Opportunities arise for advancement into positions like CIOs of India.
  • Inspired IT culture: Your brand reflects the values and potential of your team, motivating purpose-driven tech professionals.
  • Elevated IT relevance: You position IT as a critical partner in driving transformative digital solutions rather than just a cost center.
  • Enhanced tech funding: Your strategic leadership justifies long-term investments in innovative capabilities.

In the modern digital world, strategic personal branding sets successful CIOs apart from the rest. Don’t let others shape your identity. Take charge and build a brand that boosts your leadership and enhances IT’s business influence.

IndiaIT360 is a vibrant B2B digital platform that offers leading Indian CIOs a chance to enhance their personal branding and expand their network. With 30K+ IT Partners, over 1100+ top CIOs, and 5.5k+ SI Partners, IndiaIT360 provides a unified space for collaboration. CIOs can contribute their insights on technological advancements weekly, published on the IndiaIT360 website. It is a great way to get connected with your peers for networking opportunities in the ICT Network.

Act now & join IndiaIT360 and start your personal branding, today!

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