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Challenges faced by IT Channel Partners and how to overcome them with IndiaIT360

by Survi Sahay

A Channel Partner enables businesses to sell their products and services effectively by partnering with aligned organizations. If you are a business, an indirect sales channel is intended to be a crucial tool to grow your sales team and penetrate a new market. But finding IT OEMs and CIOs for a successful business can be challenging. Ultimately, the channel community connects OEMs, SMEs, and consumers.

The older you are in this channel game, the better your hold on your present clients will be, but they must be limited in number. Similarly, if you are a new player, you should start from scratch.

How about an ICT-focused platform that connects all industry players on one platform?

Yes, you guessed it correctly! I’m talking about the unique B2B digital platform – InidaIT360. A portal that unifies the entire ICT fraternity from CIOs, OEMs, Startups, and Channel Partners to Industry. The simple registration process makes it easy to connect with partners on IndiaIT360.

Let’s look at the challenges that Channel Partners face and how they can overcome them with IndiaIT360.

1. Lack of Digital Visibility

Channel Partner is one such vertical of the ICT Network that is far from having a digital presence. They don’t have a digital presence and are a step behind in this race. With IndiaIT360, you are always on the front row getting more leads and doing more business. Join the platform and connect with ICT industry members without the hassle. You can communicate digitally with CIOs, OEMs, industry, and Startups.

2. Free E-Catalogue Creation

If you want to be digital, you must go digital. This can be accomplished by providing a link or website describing your business and highlighting your products/services. However, creating a website takes a lot of time and effort. But, do you have time? I guess not! But you can have your E-Catalogue link without spending an extra penny. Thinking how? Through the IndiaIT360 portal.

One registration many solutions! IndiaIT360’s Channel Connect helps you create your very own Free E-Catalogue link. You get a shareable link that helps you grow your business. You can share this link with anyone over multiple platforms. Your target audiences can view your products/services/solutions from the comfort of their home/office with ease and hence can make a purchase decision.

3. Effective Marketing Campaign Creation

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create your own effective Marketing Campaign that gets you a digital presence and leads back? IndiaIT360 also helps Channel Partners design effective integrated marketing campaigns created via Channel Connect after thorough market research and analysis of their target audiences. The campaign is circulated on multiple digital and social media platforms for maximum reach.

4. Relevant Marketing Partners

You must have many relevant partners for your IT procurements, but getting in touch with top leads from corporate houses is difficult. But with IndiaIT360, you have! We have a wide range of IT Business Partners at your disposal. With IIT360, you can connect with 30K+ IT Partners, offering top leads from CIOs of India, OEMs, and Startups.

5. Single Platform

For conducting B2B business transactions and earning a profit, we provide one platform to connect and reach more than 30K+ IT Partners, 1100+ CIOs, and 250+ IT OEMs/Startups.

6. Endless Opportunities

Channel Connect opens up endless opportunities for IT Distributors/sub-distributors/SI Partners within the ICT Network.

7. Brand Awareness

People are more likely to recognize your brand if you switch offline to online business. With IndiaIT360, you can showcase your products online to a wider audience. In today’s world, “If your business is not ONLINE, it will be out of business.”


An excellent opportunity to reach your target audience with Channel Connect. You can associate with OEMs & CIOs directly without hindrance. Channel Connect is an excellent platform that aids in the development of a strong network and significantly improves company performance. So, as Channel Partners, you know how to overcome these challenges with IndiaIT360.

Get started today!

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